The main aim of North East Medical College is to establish a seat of excellence for medical studies and research appropriate for the country. A group of physicians has taken the venture to give a new dimension in the field of Medical Science. The objects for which the medical college has been established are as follows:

I. Promotion of Medical Manpower: Skilled medical manpower is an essential element of an advanced better health care system. Our endeavor is to promote a cadre of dedicated sincere, expert Medical graduate with quality to serve the ailing humanity.

II. Improvement of standard of Medical education: Our endeavor is to introduce a medical education system suitable for ages by improving the methods of teaching and learning.

III. Economic saving for the country: Circumstances compel many solvent parents to send their children to foreign countries for medical study due to the scarcity of seats in the medical colleges. This costs them too much and the country also loses foreign currency. This medical college aims to provide for these students. Moreover by offering seats to students from abroad foreign currency can be earned.

IV. Creation of facilities for Medical research: There is constant change in the social and environmental condition of the country. In parallel with this change the disease pattern is also changing creating a new health problem every few years. The cause of such health problem should be found out locally through intensive research work and an appropriate measure should be taken to control it.

V. Check in brain drain from the country: Our children with high 1.0 and good academic achievement in the primary and secondary level at times compelled to go out of the country for higher studies because they do not get seats in the Medical colleges or because of disturbing atmosphere in the educational Institutions. Once they go out of the country many of them do not come back thereby, the country loses skilled medical professionals.

VI. Creation of facilities for the eligible Candidates: A Large number of students are appearing in the national medical admission test every year. Only a few of them succeed in getting admission into these medical colleges. Parents of many students may not have enough resources to send the student abroad for medical education. This Institution will be able to help a substantial number of meritorious students of this group.

VII. Establishment of modern medical Library: Library facilities in most institutes are inadequate. Strong efforts are being made in this institution to set up a modern library with an adequate stock of textbooks, reference books, journals and publications. The library will have a modern index system and computerized information.

VIII. Maintenance of high standard of teaching: Adequate numbers of experienced and well qualified teachers have been recruited on a whole time basis. In addition teachers with outstanding reputation in teaching have been engaged on a part time basis to support and strength the teacherís faculty. All modern teaching aids have been provided for better teaching.

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