1. M.B.B.S Course will be of 5 (Five) years duration plus 1 (one) year internship training.
2. There will be 3 professional examinations during the M.B.B.S course.

Marks and pattern of questions in written examination in each subject will be as follows-

1. 10% Marks of written examination of each paper of each subject is allocated for formative     assessment.

2. 20% marks are allocated for MCQ for each paper. There will be separate answer script for MCQ examination. Time allocation is 1 (one) minute for each question consisting of 5 stem (20 questions).

3. 70% Marks are allocated for SAQ for each paper.

For oral, clinical & practical the examination system & marks distribution is shown against each subject See the Curriculum.

Oral part of the examination will be structured oral.

In Medicine : There will be 2 boards consisting of 4 examiners for oral, clinical & practical examination.

Board - I : 1 examiner from internal Medicine
1 examiner from Paediatrics
Board - II : 1 examiner from Internal Medicine
1 examiner from sub specialities
eg. Dermatology/Psychiatry

There will be, Temp-Chart, ECG, X-Ray, and instruments in the practical Examination.

1. In Surgery : Oral, Practical & Clinical examination will be held in Two separate days. There will be slide, X-ray, Specimen in the practical Examination.
One Day : General Surgery
Another day : Ophthalmology+ENT


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